As we already know that Google launched an application server for Python based on the CGI environment last year. Their application server name is Google App Engine. As of now users can develop a project in Python and deploy on this. Find our more details @ Google App Engine for Python.

Google has recently reached another milestone that they've launched an application server for Java based on the Servlets environment. With App Engine, you can build web applications using standard Java technologies and run them on Google's scalable infrastructure. The Java environment provides a Java 6 JVM, a Java Servlets interface, and support for standard interfaces to the App Engine scalable datastore and services, such as JDO, JPA, JavaMail, and JCache. Standards support makes developing your application easy and familiar, and also makes porting your application to and from your own servlet environment straightforward

In order to utilize this service, all you have to do is - register for a domain with your unique application id @ Google App Engine and develop the application with the template given as part of Google SDK.

Hurray... go ahead and deploy your application on Google's app server.