Skype is a very well known online communication tool. Some companies are providing the online chat/call using the Skype software. If you would like to enable Skype call on your web page, follow below steps.

1. You should include a javascript from Skype web site.

<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

This script will have methods to check the client's machine whether the user has installed Skype software.

2. Now you can use the Skype options chat, call, add, userinfo and sendfile. Here is the syntax for these options to include on your webpage.
<a href="skype:skypename?option" onclick="return skypeCheck();">

skeypname - the skype handle user name that you would like to call or chat etc. If you've multiple skype names, then enter them as semicolon (;) separated values.

option - the operation that you would like to perform like chatting (chat), calling (call), adding a contact (add), viewing user information (userinfo), and sending a file (sendfile) etc.

skypeCheck() - a javascript function that has been defined in the above included JS file. If user doesn't have Skype software, it will show an alert asking to download Skype software. Click here to see the error message that will be seen by user if there is now Skype installed.

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