I was the proud owner of a Seagate external hard disk and I've bought this in 2010. Recently hard disk circuit was broken, when I was travelling to my native.

The USB port that attached to the PCB (Printed Circuit Board) was broken. When I've dismantled the hard disk, I've realized that the soldered electric wires were broken. I've managed to fix the issue by attaching the USB port with the help of Fewi-quick (gum).

External Hard disk PCB (Circuit board)

Unfortunately the problem has come back again. And I couldn't manage to fix the issue this time. So, I've decided to purchase a new hardware enclosure i.e.; the external case. This case was worth of Rs. 350 (INR). I initially had to do a bit of search before I've found that we could purchase a new enclosure. Hope you would have no problem in fixing the issue after reading my post. Here the screenshot of my new hard disk external case box.

2.5" External hard disk case box