Language is the key

Before we learn about the programming language, we should understand what a language means and why is it required?

What is a language?

Language is a communication tool between two persons/two things. I'm writing this post and you're reading this since we both know English language. Can you imagine a work without a language? I bet you can't

What's the purpose of a language?

The main purpose of a language is to fulfill our needs. If I want to ask my friend Rs. 10, I should some how communicate that message to my friends. 

Just relate these normal real life words into programming and answer below questions

What is a programming language?

Programming language is a communication tool between a person and a computer. 

What's the purpose of a programming language?

Programming language is designed to fulfill our needs. i.e.; a person can instruct computer to perform desired action if he knows how to communicate with computer.

Different types of programming languages: programming languages are classified into 3 types

  • Low level language
  • Middle level language
  • High level language

Low level language: Low level language is completely written with 1's and 0's. i.e.; computer can understand this language whilst it is not easy to write and not easy to learn by humans.

Middle level language: Middel level language is a simplified version of low level language. It uses mnemonics for the operations i.e.; for example, it uses ADD for additions, SUB for subtractions etc.

High level language: High level language is completely written in English. And it's easy to learn and easy to write.

How computer understands our language?

All the programming languages are made up with English language whilst computer can recognize only signals ON/OFF (bits). So, a program written in English should be converted to computer recognizable version. There are three types of translators.

  • Assembler
  • Compiler
  • Interpreter

 Every programming language has it's own coding standards and constructs. So, the translator are different between each language.