My friend has asked me to buy a decent mobile for him and I've gone for Sony Xperia Tipo Dual after a bit of research. I've ordered it on ebay and the product is delivered.

I was little excited about it until I open it. I've realized that touch is not working properly. Then, I carried on saying OK... It could be one off issue!

I've continuously noticed the misbehaving functionality of Xperia Tipo Dual. I've initiated the software update to see if that fixes the issue. It didn't apparently. So, I've search on Google to see if this is a common problem for this model. I was relaxed after seeing this as a common problem for other people.

There is no problem with hardware. The problem is only with software. And a small application has fixed the issue. Now, it's working very well. Please follow below article to fix the problem yourself...!

Hope Sony will release this fix as part of their regular update.